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Reaching job level 40 or 50...

Then after reaching Job level 40 or 50, you now change to be an even stronger charater then before. Henceforth you can now become a wizard, a blacksmith, a priest, an assassin, a knight, or a hunter. Becoming this, grants you more powerful skills than before. And the strongest is of them all is the wizard.


There are a lot of monsters in Rune Midgard, some of them cant be beaten by you alone, you must always have a companion that you can count on for both of your survival, and one of the most important companion is a priest, for he can heal you and himself when you are near death and he can resurrect you in no time.


There are a lot of places in Midgard for you to explore on. But some places are very hard to go to because of the enemy that walks your path which can strike you to death with only one blow. There are new places in Midgard, one is Lutie, a place of everlasting Christmas. Soon there will be new places more to come, there are even two new servers Fenrir(wolf) and Odin(dark knight). The previous servers were Loki(assassin), Iris(cleric), and Chaos(Rune knight). The very 1st server that was released is Loki, then came Chaos, then 3rd Iris. The two new servers were bith released at the same time last Feb. 2 this year.


The monsters in Midgard are uncountable for there are about hundreds of them, maybe soon even thousands. The weakest of the all is the poring, a pink round thing with eyes and mouth and can even loot items that are dropped by other enemies near him.

Other monsters has their own strategies, brotherhood, looters and ice wall breakers. Mvp monsters has allies with them and strike in multiple numbers. It is impossible for a single character to fight an mvp monster alone, he must always have someone with him just in case.


If monsters have their own strategy so do we, we can make a trap on the ground so enemies cannot move,hit-run,or distance attack.

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