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Before the game, there was the manga! The appointed time of Ragnarok , the end of the Age of Gods, is fast approaching. Soon the Age of Man will begin, but the gods are not about to give up their rule so easily


Fenris Fenrir is searching for the reincarnation of the god Balder, who is destined to usher in Ragnarok. She must find him before the gods agents, the Valkyries, do, for if she fails, the fate of the entire world of Midgard will be altered and the Age of Gods will go for another 1000 years!


Philippine Ragnarok online is a game which lot of people are in to this days. It is a very fun and enjoyable game for all for with ragnarok it is easy to find new friends. Ragnarok even has its own security method of taking away players that uses foul language to each other. To be able to play ragnarok you must have your own e-mail address then register at Everybody can play this game either young or old. There are a lot of playable classes to choose from.


There are 7 jobs all in all, 1st is the novice, every body starts out as a novice and has to reach Job Level 10 before to a Character Class. The 10 levels are your training period where you get used to the controls, and learn the nine basic skills. After reaching Job Level 10, you can now change your character to be either a swordsman, a mage, a thief, a merchant, an archer, or an acolyte. Each class has unique skills to dish out enemies with one hit. And each with their own weakness and advantages.


In order to quickly level up your character, you can join a party and have even share in exp with them, this is recommended for a novice. Then after having your character reach Job level 40 or 50 he can now change to become an even stronger one than before.

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