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Neopet is a friendly and fun virtual pet community. You can make your own Web page, create your own pet or adopt one from the pound, send neo-mail, chat, make friends and more! You can also open your own shop to buy and sell Neo-items and trade or auction items. You can also deposit your neopoints in the national neopian bank and collect your daily interests.

This is my neopet,chukagi.cute isn't he?Now you can make your own!Sign up now!It's totally free!

This is my neopet it's a uni cute isn't she?if you don't have one sign up now it's free and fun too!if you have one feel free to add me "chako35"see u!~~~angel_chako

~How to earn np~

The easiest way to earn neopionts(np) is by playing some games.<<<<I'll put some links to some games later>>>>
You can  make a shop to sell any items that you have. Making a shop costs 150 np, and if you have extra np you can upgrade it to a much bigger space.
Another way is to put some of you're hard-to-find items in the auction,or you can trade them.
And the last thing is you need to join a guild that gives free items to some members.but you have to be active in the guild so that the owner of the guild will give some prices to you,or even put you to a higher possition.
You will recieve a 200 np from neopets when you sign up. Just click the banner of neopets and you'll go straight to thier website.

Daily places you can go


Healing Spring

Coltzans shrine

Fruit machines

Gaint Omelette


Guilds Wanna advertise your guild here? send us a mail with your url of your guild. if you have your own banner or button just send it to us.


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