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~~~~~~~~Web of  Magic~~~~~~~~

I like the story of this and I think your gonna love it too!

Avalon:1=Circles in the Streams

Deep in the woods,a secret place beckons...
What if you found it-and it changed your life forever?
Emily:She's the shy one,the new girl in town.She doesn't believe in magic.
Deep in the woods,magical animal are living-and dying.
What if only you could save them?
Adriane:She's the strange girl,the outsider.She doesn't believe in friends.
Deep in the woods,magic is gathering...
What if only you could use i-or misuse it?
Kara:She's the spoiled,snobby,and popular one.The magic believes in her.And two girls who can't stand her need her despirately.
Welcome to a world where magic is real and friendship is everything.

Avalon:2=All That Glitters

Emily and Adriane have one thing Kara doesn't-a magic gem.But when Kara finally finds a stone of her own-a sparkly unicorn horn-it brings more trouble than anyone can handle.Pesky dragonlies start showing up everywhere!New fairimentals warn of danger.Worst of all,a band of monstrous banshees stalks Kara.
All these creatures come from another world. And all want something from her-but what? Finding out may take Kara,Emily,and Adriane one step closer to Avalon, the source of all magic. It may cost someone her life.

Avalon:3=Cry of the Wolf

Can Adriane save Strombringer?
What comes between a girl and the magical animal she's bonded with? When the girl is Adriane,fearless and fierce,and the creature is her best friend,the wolf,Strombringer,no danger is too great.So when Strombringer is lured back into the magical world,Adriane secretly follows-right through the portal!
There,Adriane faces powerful magical creatures when she tries to save her friend-and experiences a different kind of magic when she meets a strange boy with dangerous secrets.


The Magic's in the Music...

The first benefit concert for the Ravenswood Wildlife Preserve is on! Everyone is depending on the event to ensure the survival of Ravenswood.It's got to be success.Kara's on the case.She's booked two mega rock acts,a fabulous girl band and hottie Johnny Conrad.

But one of the singer may be hiding a dangerous secret that threatens the animals,Ravenswood,and the girls themselves.This time,the magic is in the music,and if Emily,Adriane,and Kara can't perform,their chance to find Avalon may be gone forever.

Avalon:6=Trial by Fire

The ultimate battle for magic is on.
Not everyone will survive.
The road to Avalon-the mystical home of pure magic-is about to be revealed.The path is on the fairy map,a sparkling globe of wondrous power.
Kara holds that fairy map in her hands!So the time has arrived for her to become the blazing star she was always meant to be,and to use the map for good of all worlds,and all the animals.
But evil stalks Kara.The dark Sorceress is after the map,too.If she wins,people and animals from all worlds are doomed.
Kara,Adriane,and Emily must win this battle-even if it means sacrificing,a beloved friend.

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