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hi! happy halloween 2 all! we haven't added somethings yet becoz' we lack time...for now we are focusing in our messageboard. why not join? just register...the link is bellow the tagboard. thanks again 4 visiting!~ayu


so sorry fo not updating for some time...we have lots to do at school test,'s really hard.
i just made a gift for our affies(if you havn't recieve it yet pls. wait for it i'm gonna send it to you asap).i'm going to try to put some fanlistings here...if you want to join a fanlisting you can visit my other site click here....pls. join our message board...we really need some members so that it can be alive coz' it seems kind of dead ^^;...and also pls. sign our guest book.till here...i'm gonna update some things here...~ayu


  Hi guys!i add some lyrics hope you like it and tnx for visiting our site!  ~~~angel_chako


hi! again,sorry bout' the counter =/...we added some stuffs here,hope you enjoy! sorry if we can't put many things here we are very busy with assignments and tests. if you have any suggestions that you want us to put here,just mail us. thanks and i hope you can tell your friends about us!
By the way if you want to take some quizzes just go to about us ~ayu

~July 25,2004~

ei guys! i just added some pics in he animation,hope you like it! are you fond of writing songs or fanfics? if yes,join our fanfic side in proboards and be a member. hope you join! thanks!~ayu

~July 12,2004~

hey guys I add some pic of mary-kate and ashley and bio's abou dem and also ryu shi won and some anime pic hope you'll like them!   ~~~angel_chako

~July 4,2004~

hey there! sorry for not updating much, it's just that i can't undjust my skeds...but we'll try to do our best...
to does who signed the guest book thank you very much, we really appreciated it. if you want to be a member of our proboard just regisiter and you're good to go! you can post msg. there and fanfics,or you can just e-mail it to us. that also goes with the fanarts. if you want some things to be in our site don't hesitate to ask us...if you e-mailed us,pls. wait for our reply we'll sure to anwer it.thanks!

~July 4,2004~

hey guys!sori if we can't update so much 'cause deres so many homework and test well I add some pic and bios hope you'll like it!

~June 8,2004~

Check the animated final fantasy...I added new pics.~ayu

~June 5,2004~

   I know we haven't updated much yet...but we really hope you like our site If alot of people visited here and sign our guestbook,it will really mean  much to us. Anyways, we have added few pictures in the "ANIME" and in the "ANIMATED" links. Hope you enjoy looking at it. If you want to donate some of your works,we'll be very glad to accept it. Just mail it to us and we'll check it out. If we agrree to put your work here ,we'll reply ASAP.
   We're gonna keep on working with our site, and we hope you can come by and check it out. If you wanna say something about our site you can write it in the "tag-board" or in the comments when you sign our "guestbook."
Check the links,we added some sites that you can visit.
    Thank you very much!~ayu 

~May 30,2004~

Hi guys! I've just finished updating the site and i hope that it's much more good now...than the past days.
I'm really sorry for the inconvinience...I'm also in a hurry fixing this coz' school year is just around the corner.Then there's the assingments,projects...I don't wanna think about it..^^; thanks for visiting the site!
arigato gozaimas!....ja ne!~ayu

~May 26,2004~


Well this is it.Our site!I know it's not that perfect,but I think it's good for a first timer to make a site.Some of the links in the navigation bar doesn't have anything in it.We're still dealing with it.I hope you can visit here if you have some time so you can see the updates.And pls.sign in our guest book.If you want to tell us something about our site,just e-mail us.Thanks!~ayu 


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